Monday, March 20, 2017

The Sugarcubes ‎– Coldsweat (CD3)

The Sugarcubes
1988 Elektra

Here’s a fairly rare one. I know a few of us remember the short lived CD3 (the 7” of the 80’s), I only have a handful. Always have admired Björk and the quirkiness of The Sugarcubes. Life's Too Good is a amazing album that everyone should have a play often. Think the Coldsweat Instrumental is exclusive to this single but you can’t beat the great Meat Mix.
  1. Coldsweat (LP Version)
  2. Coldsweat (Meat Mix)
  3. Birthday (Icelandic)
  4. Delicious Demon (LP Version)
  5. Coldsweat (Instrumental)
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