Monday, August 7, 2017

Air Liquide ‎– Nephology - The New Religion

Air Liquide
Nephology - The New Religion
1994 Rising High Records

I had been looking for this release for years and finally picked one up a few months ago. An excellent collection of deep & eerie textures that puts this release high on any electronic music connoisseurs must have list. Think I worked out all the kinks in the mislabeled and misspelled booklet and hope you enjoy as much as I do. For those who can’t remember their German: Erlenmeyerkolben = Erlenmeyer flask / Die Reise Im Teekessel = The Journey in the Kettle (if I remember my German correctly) :)
  1. The Cloud
  2. Semiwave
  3. Die Reise Im Teekessel
  4. Nephology
  5. If There Was No Gravity
  6. Kymnea
  7. Sulfur Clouds
  8. Im Erlenmeyerkolben I
  9. Im Erlenmeyerkolben II
  10. Stratus Static
  11. Cassiopeia
  12. The Clouds Have Eyes
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